Testing Machines


This machine has been designed for Endurance testing of Automotive lock, more specifically for 2 wheeler locks. The machine can be programmed by the user for testing any configuration of lock. The test sequence, number of steps, dwell time between steps, etc can be programmed by the user. Suitable fixture can be designed to accommodate physical variations of locks. Sensors are provided to continuously monitor the key insertion force and key turning torque. Limits can be set to detect excessive loads. A shower arrangement simulates rain by pumping contaminated water over the lock. The frequency of shower can be programmed by the user. The machine is totally automatic and the total number of test cycles can be set. The machine also has the provision to test the Voltage drop across the switch contacts.

HV Test & Greasing Bench

This machine has been designed for High Voltage testing to measure the leakage current in the Power tools. The test is done at various voltages between various test points. Greasing of the power transmission train is done automatically if the power tool passes the HV test. The specified quantity of grease is dispensed automatically. If the power tool could fail the test the greasing is not done and the tool is returned to the loading / unloading station.



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