Special Purpose Machines


This machine is used for tightening a nut to the specified torque in the assembly of valves of the shock absorber. The nuts are loaded in a hopper in bulk. The piston valve assembly components are placed in the piston rod and the piston rod is placed in the work holding fixture. The machine clamps the piston rod and picks up a nut and places & tightens to the specified torque. The nuts are fed by a vibratory feeder. The nut driver control has the facility to set the required torque, acceleration, etc. The machine can be used for various model with quick change parts.

Riveting Machine

This machine is used for riveting the Outer Handle assembly of Automotive Door handle. The machine is common for LH or RH or front or rear door. No setting change is required for the change of the above handle types. Poke Yoke has been provided to check whether all the necessary components are assembled or not, before riveting is performed. The spin riveting technology has been used for riveting.



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