Special Purpose Machines


This machine has been designed for thermal riveting of assembly containing plastic and metal parts. This machine is used for riveting of the lock mechanism of RCCB (Residual Current Circuit Breaker). The lock mechanism contains various plastic & metal parts. The machine has a 4 station index table and the loading / unloading is done at one station and the riveting is done at the opposite station. The assembly is placed in the fixture and the operator needs to press a start button and the machine automatically indexes and performs the riveting operation. The machine is controlled by a PLC. The riveting time and temperature can be set by the operator through a HMI.

LCD Bracket Twisting Machine

This machine is used in the assembly process of Electronic instrument cluster of Automotives. The LCD display panel and related components are assembled manually and the metal cover bracket is placed in position. The machine further performs the task of keeping the assembly intact under specified pressure and twists the 4 tabs of the metal bracket in a specified pattern. The machine is common for 2 different models and the user can select the model to be produced through a selector switch. The machine automatically changes the toolings to suit the selected model. During operation the machine also checks whether the loaded component is the same as the selected model.



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