Special Purpose Machines


This machine has been designed for dispensing adhesive for automotive Head lamp / Tail lamp. The machine basically is a 5 axis CNC machine, which traces the profile of the contours of Automotive head lamp body. The head lamp body and the lens are fixed with hot melt adhesive. This machine performs the task of tracing the profile of the lamp, whereas the melting & pumping of the hot melt adhesive is done by Nordson applicator. In simple terms the machine performs the task of a robot

Heat Sealing Machine

This machine has been designed for sealing / riveting two plastic parts together. The parts sealed are the Plastic body of Automotive Instrument cluster body and the mask rings. The rivet like projections in the mask rings are fused in assembly. The machine is totally controlled by a PLC and the only the loading & unloading of parts is handled by the operator



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