Testing Machines


This machine is used for checking the weld strength of shock absorber assembly. The machine can apply load of upto 3 tons and the load can be varied infinitely by the used as per the requirement. The component to be tested is loaded manually and the test is initiated by pressing 2 buttons. The loading arm approaches the test component and applies a small preload and then starts applying the set load. Gauges are provided to indicate the load applied on the test component.

HV & Function Testing Machine

This machine has been designed for High Voltage testing to measure the leakage current in the Power tools. The test is done at various voltages ranging from 1000 Volts to 3500 Volts between various test points. On successful completion of the HV safetly test, the power tool is subjected to Function Test. Functional parameters like the RPM, Current drawn, Direction of rotation are determined and checked whether they are as per the specifications. If the power tool fails in any of the tests further tests are aborted and an alarm is raised



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